We provide a white-labeled backup solution for your clients.

Our only goal is to protect your client’s data from disaster.

Magnus Box Is

Secure & Reliable

Your clients data is safe and secure. Everything is encrypted and stored in our data centers all over the US & Canada.


No more picking and choosing what files to backup in fear of hitting a data limit. Our backup system allows unlimited data.

Channel Only

We only sell directly through our partners. We will never sell directly to the public and your pricing always remains private. Thats why our prices are not listed on our website.

One Plan To Choose From

Magnus Box One


Affordable platform fee & backup licenses
Unlimited Data
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. support Monday thru Friday
Option to brand the software
Dedicated backup server that we host
Single pane of glass web portal
No minimum purchase requirements
3 Not For Resale licenses
7-day trial available

Two Add-On Services Available

Seed Loading

Seed Loading allows you to send your clients’ data to us on an encrypted hard drive.

Restore Via Mail

Restore Via Mail allows us to send your clients’ data to you on an encrypted hard drive.

Magnus Box Storage Server Locations

United States

Hillsboro, Oregon
Ashburn, Virginia
Houston, Texas


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Magnus Box Features

Unlimited data backup & retention


Magnus Box offers unlimited data backup! You can backup as much or as little of your client’s data that you would like.


Did your client delete an important file last week? Our unlimited data retention allows you to select that backup from a week ago and recover that deleted file.

Lightweight, fast & reliable

Magnus Box is not resource intensive. The installer is less than 15 MB

Magnus Box is a “native” installer built in C++. There are no cumbersome external libraries such as Java or .Net required to run it.

Works on Windows, Linux, & Mac

Windows System Requirements

  • CPU: x86_64, or x86_32 with SSE2
  • Screen resolution: 1024×600
  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or newer

macOS System Requirements

  • CPU: x86_64
  • Operating system: OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later

Linux System Requirements

  • CPU: x86_64, or x86_32 with SSE2, or ARMv7l with vfp

Backup your data to external hard drives

We recommend always having three copies of your client’s data for even more security. Connect an external hard drive to their computer and you can backup their data to the Magnus Box Vault and their external hard drive. All backups are encrypted to make transporting them secure. The data can only be accessed with the Magnus Box application and their account info.

User friendly interface

We’ve designed Magnus Box for you. Beginners can get up and running with file-level backups in minutes. Power users can get the most out of Magnus Box with advanced features like MySQL, MS Exchange, Server State and more.

Backup scheduling

Setup a backup schedule that meets your client’s needs. You can schedule their data to be backed up hourly, daily, weekly, or yearly. You can even setup Magnus Box to backup their data manually at the push of a button.

Backup versioning

Magnus Box scans for files that have changed and backs up the changed files. If your clients modify a file frequently, they would be able to go back in time and recover an earlier version of that file. This is really useful if their files were encrypted by a virus. Magnus Box will allow you to recover the file before it was modified.

Features our proprietary Backup Chunking

At the core of Magnus Box is our technology that allows us to backup and restore faster than the competition. Magnus Box backs up data by first splitting it into chunks which are compressed, encrypted and uploaded to the Magnus Box Vault. It reduces data storage by optimizing deduplication and avoids the need for periodic full backups.

Backup all of your external drives

If your clients are anything like ours were, they have a lot of data on random external hard drives. The problem with these external drives is that they are prone to failure at a faster rate than computer hard drives. With Magnus Box, you can backup all of your client’s external hard drives.

Software Comparison

Computer Backup

Per Device
We don't believe in data caps!
  • Unlimited Files & Folders
  • Unlimited External Hard Drives
  • System State

Server Backup

Per Device
No data caps over here either!
  • Unlimited Files & Folders
  • Unlimited External Hard Drives
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • System State

What Our Partners Think

Magnus Box Statistics


Terabytes Stored


Devices Protected

Meet Our Team

Mike & Tracey are the founders of Magnus Box LLC. Mike has been in the technology industry for over 16 years.

Mike & Tracey Slodowski


Seth has developed all of our back-end systems and handles our partner support.

Seth Byrne

Senior Web Developer / Partner Support

About Magnus Box

Magnus Box started as an idea in January 2018. We had just witnessed another business client lose all of their data. They thought their data was safe while being stored on a 6-year-old external hard drive. When they came into the office one day, they could hear clicking noises coming from their external hard drive.

We sent their hard drive out to a data recovery company. The bill to get their data back was over $2000. The company could not afford to recover their data. They went out of business a few months later.

Magnus Box was created because of these kinds of situations. We have tried other backup solutions and they either limit how much data you can backup, or they are too complicated and clunky to use. Magnus Box fills the gap by being easy to use and allowing unlimited data.

Our mission is to protect your client’s data from disaster.