400 Devices! 6 months ago

Today we hit a huge milestone!

Our backup platform is now:
-In five countries
-Installed on 401 devices
-Over 38 servers powering our network
-60 Terabytes of data protected
-Storage servers in the US and the EU
-160 technology partners signed up
-A thriving community on Facebook where our technology partners shape the future of our platform

Just to put into perspective what 60 Terabytes of data looks like: 
1 Terabyte = 200,000 5-minute songs; 310,000 pictures; or 500 hours worth of movies

10 Terabytes = Amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year

24 Terabytes = Amount of video data uploaded to YouTube per day in 2016

We are still a long ways from our year-end goal of 1000 devices. However, we will continue to stay the course, and continue to offer a great platform to the world!

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