July 2019 Update 11 months ago

Hello Magnus Box Partners! Summer is finally here in Michigan. It has been a nice change of pace instead of all of the rain that we have received lately. Last month, we finally settled on a ticketing system. Zoho Desk will now be our ticketing platform as well as our knowledgebase. We also added a ton of documentation to our new KB thanks to Seth who has been helping me out with documentation.

For July, we are going to squash the bug that has been preventing us from transferring data from our US to our EU data center. We are also going to finish working on seed loading. We will also be pushing out the monthly patch along with updating the website later this month.

As of this post, Magnus Box currently has:

  • 53 Terabytes Stored
  • 371 Devices Protected
  • 130 Magnus Box Partners

Also, don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Techcon Unplugged. Magnus Box is proud to be a sponsor and we look forward to meeting everyone in September!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if have any questions or comments.

-Mike Slodowski
Owner / Lead Developer
Magnus Box LLC


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