Magnus Box Version 19.8.3 Maintenance Patch 10 months ago

Magnus Box version 19.8.3 is now available. We will begin pushing the update to the servers and endpoints on 12/8/2019. We do not expect any downtime with this patch. We will also take this time to perform general server maintenance.


19.8.3 (2019-12-08)
Changes compared to 19.8.2



  • A general reduction in memory usage


  • Fix an issue with handling DST transitions causing backup jobs to run one hour earlier/later than expected, affecting weekly job schedules only
  • Fix an issue with processing DST transitions in Brazil, by updating the timezone database to 2019b
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with an empty box on the home screen when logged into the Magnus Box web interface as an end-user with no Protected Items
  • Fix an issue with delayed freeing of user web session IDs in Magnus Box Server
  • Fix an issue with showing the host OS as a selectable Hyper-V guest machine on non-English versions of Windows
  • Fix an issue with Magnus Box exiting on some kinds of malformed encrypted data in Storage Vaults
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with defaulting to TB units instead of GB units for new Protected Item quotas on user accounts
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with “2106” dates appearing for future schedule times in the Magnus Box desktop app

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