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Magnus Box version 21.11.0 is now available. We will begin pushing the update to the servers and endpoints on Saturday, December 11th. We do not expect any downtime with this quarterly feature release.


21.11.0 (2021-12-02)
Changes compared to 21.8.0


  • Support Office 365 Backup
  • Support running backup jobs and retention passes simultaneously
  • New backup-tool login subcommands to check login state and set login credentials on Linux
  • Add timezone to each device, schedules will now honor the device specific timezone instead of the User Profile timezone
  •  Add three new retention rules. “Last […] backups, at most once per day”, “Last […] backups, at most once per week”, “Last […] backups, at most once per month”
  • Add optional ‘Registered’ column to the Devices table on a User’s profile page in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Support restore Disk Image snapshot to physical device in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Support custom SSL settings for MySQL Protected Items
  • Support the granular Office 365 service backup
  • Allow previewing an Office 365 email from the Magnus Box web interface, by double-clicking it in the restore dialog
  • New and improved user interface for the Office 365 Protected Item


  • Allow usernames shorter than six characters
  • Mark job as abandoned if remote device cancellation fails to find a matching process
  • Automatically prefer to run retention passes on “high power” devices
  • Add optional ‘Timezone’ column to the Devices table on a User’s profile page in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Improve speed of fallback operations for Office 365 backup jobs
  • Improve the accuracy of Files and Directories statistic for the Office 365 booster
  • Display a description of a Storage Vault default Retention Policy on hover in the Protected Items settings editor in the Magnus Box Backup desktop app and the Magnus Box web interface
  • Rearrange the Actions menu on the User page in the Magnus Box web UI to isolate destructive actions
  • Improve performance of restoring multiple files within the same directory
  • Improve performance of Reindex and Deep Verify operations
  • Improve performance of loading items in the Office 365 child dialogs by adding local cache in the Magnus Box desktop app
  • Improve performance of Office 365 SharePoint site / OneDrive backup
  • Improve the performance of opening the “Add Protected Item” dialog
  • Improve performance of searching the jobs database for a single user account
  • Improve network transfer performance for all storage locations other than Storage Role, by reducing buffering
  • Office 365 Backup performance in full and delta backup mode has been improved
  • Minor performance improvement for the “Use temporary files instead of disk” option
  • Add more detailed message for Office 365 graph API error


  • Fix an issue with the mysqldump binary not being found on some non-windows platforms
  • Fix an issue with Office 365 Restore to original account in a new folder
  •  Fix an issue with restoring mail to an Office 365 Account when the account is in a French, German or Portugese language localization
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Office 365 service icons status not falling back to its parent status in some cases in the Magnus Box desktop app

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