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MAGNUS BOX VERSION 21.6.11 Beta Release

Magnus Box version 21.6.11 beta is now available for select Magnus Box Partners.


21.6.11 (2021-08-14)
Changes compared to 21.6.8


  • Allow to test connection for storage vaults
  • Support to restore Office365 to cloud location from web interface


  • Minor performance improvement for starting backup jobs (avoid redownloading snapshot)
  • Prompt more specific error messages while testing connection for Office 365 Protected Item
  • Improve the usability of the Automatic authentication for an Office 365 Protected Item


  • Fix an issue with “No paths selected for restore” error when restoring “All files” from the Magnus Box desktop app
  • Fix an issue with not running “After disk snapshot” commands for Disk Image backup jobs
  • Fix an issue with not saving changes to “After disk snapshot” commands from the Magnus Box desktop app
  • Fix an issue with skipping all files for restore when using “Restore to Original Path” with Hyper-V, Exchange EDB, and Application-Aware Writer Protected Item types
  • Fix an issue with “cannot start a transaction within a transaction” errors if the Magnus Box Server fails to compress old job logs
  • Fix an issue with not reporting snapshot load errors in Office 365 backup jobs
  • Fix an issue with not reporting certain error messages when converting image files for a custom branded Windows installer
  • Fix an issue with long delays when registering an Office 365 application if the user account has insufficient authorization for the ‘Grant Admin Consent’ phase
  • Fix an issue with silent install where the UI would become locked after the computer restarted
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with excess log messages when cancelling a Reindex operation
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with the Magnus Box web interface reporting a job as ‘stale / not responding’ even if it has a recent job log message
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with ‘duplicate asc-provider’ error messages when codesigning a custom Magnus Box installer for macOS
  • Fix an issue with Files and Folders Protected item configured to use the Windows Mail include filter
  • Fix an issue with running out of memory when backing up large files from OneDrive in a Microsoft Office 365 backup job
  • Fix an issue with not loading the default port for MySQL when using the ‘Test Connections’ feature
  • Fix an issue with high CPU load when generating many custom branded installers, by restricting the total simultaneous processing level
  • Fix an issue with very large job logs, by restricting to reporting a maximum of 15000 file-based errors
  • Fix an issue with using special characters in password when installing Magnus Box Backup for Linux
  • Fix an issue with Magnus Box crashing when trying to display certain contact- or calendar- related errors from Microsoft Office 365
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with stating both “Error for…” and “Warning for…” the same file in backup job logs
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with ‘context cancelled’ error messages hiding the real error message in retry attempts

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