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Magnus Box Version 22.11.3 – Maintenance Update


22.11.3 (2023-01-23)
Changes compared to 22.11.1 and 22.11.2

SECURITY NOTICE: This version of Magnus Box fixes an important security issue related to administrator accounts.


  • Fix an issue with ‘Next’ runtime showing incorrect estimate for Weekly schedules
  • Fix an issue with not updating the statistics chart on the Magnus BoxServer homepage screen
  • Fix an issue with MacOS Arm64 clients signed with “Sign-only” level not able to get Full Disk Permission
  • Fix an issue with listing SharePoint sites
  • Fix an issue with the COMET_FORCE_VSS_PROVIDER environment variable not taking effect in subprocesses
  • Fix an issue with token-based silent installation on Windows failing to auto-login the client
  • Fix an issue with the Magnus Box Backup desktop app failing to run on Linux due to being unable to find the backup-tool binary