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Magnus Box Version 23.2.0 – Feature Release

Magnus Box version 23.2.0 is now available!

Changes compared to 22.11.3


  • Add support to browse and restore files/folders in the Hyper-V snapshot
  • Add admin-level email reporting options, allowing administrators to receive reports on the jobs of their users
  • Add two new email report templates: Recent Activity Report and Group Status Report
  • Allow setting quotas for Office 365 Protected Accounts
  • Add new Polski (Polish) translation for the Magnus Box Server and for the Magnus Box desktop client
  • Allow deletion of custom snapshot selection from the client


  • Add the ability to browse a list of databases to backup from the web interface when editing MySQL, MSSQL, or MongoDB Protected Items
  • Add a legend to the Recent Activity email report
  • Add a toggle for Gradient integrations to enable/disable sending alerts
  • Add guidelines for time boundaries when configuring an email report in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Add validation to the Protected Item dialog in the Magnus Box desktop app, to stop empty Protected Items from being created
  • If there is no Protected Item when opening the Magnus Box desktop app, automatically open up the new Protected Item dialog
  • Use an internal MongoDB connection library instead of requiring Mongo Shell installation
  • Reduce peak memory requirements for rewriting index files during Retention passes
  • Minor performance improvement for searching job history
  • Improve support for using Apple devices as WebAuthn authenticators for Magnus Box admin multi-factor authentication
  • Translation updates for all languages


  • Fix a cosmetic issue with character escaping in the Regular Expression example text