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Magnus Box Version 23.5.0 – Feature Release

Magnus Box version 23.5.0 is now available!

Changes compared to 22.3.0

Cosmetic overhaul for the Magnus Box web interface


  • Cosmetic overhaul for the Magnus Box web interface.
  • New Magnus Box home page widgets for Protected Items types, server storage, server self-backup, and server replication.
  • When configuring an exclusion via Policy in the Magnus Box web interface, default suggested exclusion paths have been added.
  • Ability to search for items to restore within Storage Vault snapshots via the Magnus Box web interface.
  • A Test Connection button has been added to the Storage Template configuration dialog.
  • Authenticode codesigning has been applied to the Magnus Box client uninstaller on Windows.


  • The performance of restoring files and folders from Disk Image Protected Items has been significantly improved.
  • A new version of the Office 365 backup type, where large changes have been made in the backend for the Magnus Box Client UI, updating the initial architecture to improve performance, testing, API logic for example. Users may see changes in the way the Office 365 client behaves and what information is logged to the job details.
  • Peak memory usage has been reduced when loading very large single files from a Storage Vault.
  • Memory usage has been reduced for S3-compatible Storage destinations.
  • A new dialog in the Magnus Box web interface will allow a custom snapshot selection for deletion.
  • Optional columns have been added for an online device’s version/platform/IP address on the User Detail page in the Magnus Box web interface.
  • A Synology download button has been added on the home screen.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Improved logging during a restart event.
  • A detailed error message is shown in the hover tooltip when a Test Connection operation fails in the Magnus Box desktop app.
  • Input validation has been added to Storage Vault, Storage Role, and Storage Template configuration for Windows.
  • Added functionality to search for device names in the quick search bar in the Magnus Box web interface.
  • Greatly expanded the internal event stream to include most events.
  • A new event stream FileOptions has been added to allow users to log all events to file for audit or other purposes.


  • Fixed an issue with excessive memory use when restoring single files or folders from a Disk Image backup.
  • Fixed a crash when an ambiguous login error occurred.
  • Minor user interface improvements have also been fixed.
  • Fix an issue with Magnus Box crashing if a Protected Item is owned by a non-existent device.
  • Fix an issue with deleting individual snapshots silently failing if the Storage Vault is currently being cleaned up by another device.
  • Fixed an issue with the client showing the new Protected Item wizard when the user policy “Prevent opening the application interface” is set or launching the application with –background.
  • Fix a security issue with not enforcing custom IPWhitelist settings.
  • Fix widgets not resizing when window is shown.