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Magnus Box Version 23.5.1 – Feature Release

Magnus Box version 23.5.1 is now available!

Changes compared to 22.5.0


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  • Fixed an issue when upgrading the Magnus Box Client which caused the client to logout after upgrade
  • Fixed an issue related to error handling in Office 365 backup
  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 client where in certain scenarios, the client may lock up
  • Fixed an issue with high memory usage during retention passes, even if the “Prefer temporary files instead of RAM” option was set
  • Fixed an issue with disk image browsing where MBR partitioned disk might cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue with snapshot IDs not being shown in the Magnus Box web interface restore dialog when advanced options are enabled
  • Fixed an issue with the event stream websocket not staying open after authentication
  • Fixed an issue with the SEVT_META_HELLO event missing the TypeString field
  • Fixed an issue with the Policy summary showing job delay in seconds instead of minutes
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with server page content rendering before the navigation on first load
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the server navigation logo flashing following certain actions
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with unexpected horizontal scrollbars appearing for some tables in the server interface
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with some active pages not being highlighted in the navigation