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Magnus Box Version 23.5.3 – Maintenance Release

Changes compared to 22.5.1


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  • Fixed an issue where Wasabi error logs caused by System Clocks being too far behind or too far ahead not outputting as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with macOS notarization timing out when Apple takes longer than 10 minutes to process the request.
  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 clients where rate-limiting may cause list requests to restart unnecessarily
  • Fixed an issue with the Magnus Box desktop app crashing when loading if a recent backup job was extremely large.
  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 backups where workers can hang while querying the Vault
  • Fixed an issue with bucket name validation where Wasabi bucket names ending with a period were reported as invalid
  • Fixed an issue with error handling during a retention pass of a vault that has object lock enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 clients hanging in some situations.