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Magnus Box Version 23.8.0 – Feature Release

Magnus Box version 23.8.0 is now available!

Changes compared to 22.5.3


  • The “Run when PC Starts” option will now also apply to devices waking up from sleep
  • macOS Versions 10.11 and 10.12 are no longer supported. The last releases that can be run on macOS 10.11 and 10.12 are 23.5.3 and 23.6.1


  • Redesigned the Magnus Box desktop app
  • Added support for using OpenID Connect 1.0 for single sign-on for Magnus Box Server admin users. This allows admin users to authenticate themselves to a Magnus Box Server using their existing credentials at an external Identity Provider, such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Google, or other OIDC providers
  • Added the ability to push changes to Protected Items defined in policies to client devices where the policy has already been applied. In previous versions of Magnus Box, once a device was registered for a user changes to that user’s policy would not affect the existing devices; this change allows an admin to push a new policy change even to previously registered devices
  • Added support for performing backups to a WebDAV-based Storage Vault
  • Added an option to use temporary files instead of RAM during a restore
  • Added a partial data recovery option to zero over unreadable data chunks during a restore (Magnus Box will not abandon the job when it finds an unreadable chunk)


  • Added Live Browse support for configuring the Application Aware Writer, Hyper-V, or Microsoft Exchange Protected Item types
  • Improved performance of starting restore jobs remotely from the Magnus Box web interface
  • Added tracking of detailed information about the operating system of Magnus Box Backup client devices
  • Added support for restoring file creation time metadata on Windows
  • Updated the appearance of the quick search results area in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Added logging of the required BIOS mode to the job log for Disk Image backups and restores
  • Improved error logging for failures during MSSQL backups and restores
  • Added support for searching for user email addresses, device / Protected Item / Storage Vault / job IDs to quick search in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Changed incremental backups for local file paths to estimate backup size instead of scanning
  • Added a caching layer to speed up index lookups when using on-disk indexes. This improves the performance of all jobs which are run with the “Prefer temporary files instead of RAM (slower)” setting enabled
  • Added readahead capability to the MySQL and MSSQL restorer. This will improve restore performance when network latency is present
  • Improved Microsoft 365 message batch processing to better handle unexpected network issues
  • Improved formatting for Microsoft 365 errors in the job log
  • Added “Account Name” as a toggleable field to the Recent Activity page in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Improved page load performance of the Settings page of the Magnus Box web interface for limited-permission admins
  • Added the ability to verify if versioning is enabled on the bucket when setting up Object Lock on supported S3-backed Storage Templates
  • Adding caching of snapshot contents to speed up loading of snapshots, e.g., when using the restore dialog
  • Improved the performance of large snapshot lists in the restore dialog of the Magnus Box desktop app
  • Improved performance of cleaning up Object Lock delete markers during retention passes for S3-compatible Storage Vaults
  • Improved initial startup performance of browsing files to restore from a Disk Image backup
  • Further improved the new design of the Magnus Box desktop app


  • Fixed an issue causing Magnus Box to crash when restoring from a Disk Image backup if the VHDX file was not a directory