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Magnus Box Version 24.2.0 – Feature Release

Magnus Box Version 24.2.0 Quarterly Release

We’re proud to announce the latest quarterly feature release of Magnus Box, Version 24.2.0, which introduces a Debian package for Linux clients, allowing for straightforward installation of the Magnus Box desktop app as a systemd service. Additionally, we’ve rolled out a Dark Mode feature for the Magnus Box web interface, offering a visually comfortable environment for users who prefer darker color schemes. These updates underscore our commitment to enhancing user experience and broadening platform support, further solidifying our dedication to leading in data protection and recovery solutions.

Changes compared to 23.11.4

New Features:

  • Added a Debian package for linux clients which installs the Magnus Box desktop app as a systemd service
  • Added support for Dark Mode to the Magnus Box web interface


  • Changed the order in which Before commands are executed when running a job. Storage Vault Before commands now run first and then the Storage Vault connection is checked. This resolves issues where Before commands were unable to be used to authenticate the connection to the Storage Vault as connections to the vault were made before running these commands. Before commands configured on a Protected Item or Schedule only run if the job is not skipped
  • Added a Storage Vault connection check at the start of each job to check if it’s possible to continue with the job
  • Changed “Job History” on the Magnus Box web interface and Magnus Box desktop app to “Job Logs”. The Job Logs page contains logs for both running and finished jobs
  • Added a new log message when temporary files are in use during either Backup or Restore jobs
  • Improved the performance of S3-compatible Storage Vaults when Object Lock is enabled
  • Improved the performance of simulated restores for most Protected Item types
  • Added a Job History tab to the User details page, which shows jobs for the selected user in the Magnus Box web interface
  • Improved Microsoft 365 incremental backups of SharePoint Sites and OneDrive to be more efficient and quicker

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue during restore jobs where the error message “incomplete data” was displayed instead of the real underlying error message
  • Fixed an issue in new Microsoft 365 SharePoint incremental backups referencing an invalid location in older snapshot formats