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Magnus Box Version 24.5.1 – Feature Release

Magnus Box Version 24.5.1 Quarterly Feature Release

Changes compared to 24.2.3

We’re excited to announce the release of Magnus Box Version 24.5.1, packed with new features, enhancements, and critical bug fixes to improve your data protection and recovery experience.

New Features

  • Restore Option: Added a new option to only overwrite existing files if there is a difference in file content already written to the restore location.
  • Admin Permissions: Added a new permission to enable or disable the ability for an admin account to delete a Storage Vault.
  • SMB Storage Vault: Introduced a new SMB Storage Vault type.
  • Hyper-V Backup: Added the “Latest VM State (Changed Block Tracking)” option for Hyper-V for improved backup performance.
  • Windows Drive Selection: Added support for selecting Windows drives by drive letter when configuring a Disk Image Protected Item.


  • Job Logs: Informational headers are now included in job logs exported to CSV (now renamed to Text) or Excel, previously only available when exporting to Clipboard.
  • macOS Console App: Backup job logs now appear in the Console app on macOS.
  • Linux Installation: Installing the Magnus Box Client on Linux devices no longer echoes password characters to the terminal.
  • Server Performance: Improved performance of the Magnus Box Server when many devices resume their live connection.
  • Devices Page: Added “Account Name” as an additional data column to the Devices page in the Magnus Box web interface.
  • Granular Restores: Improved performance and reduced data download requirements when browsing files and folders for granular restores. Enhanced error handling and performance for simulated granular restores and directories with few files.
  • UI Refresh: Updated the UI for the Protected Item wizard in the Magnus Box desktop app.
  • Task Execution: “After” tasks will now run even for jobs that have been cancelled.
  • Terminology Update: Changed “Job History” on the Magnus Box web interface to “Job Logs”.
  • Server Logs Performance: Improved load performance of the Server Logs page on the Magnus Box web interface.
  • UNC Path Restores: Added retry logic for intermittent errors when restoring data to UNC paths.
  • SQL Timeouts: Added the ability to configure SQL timeouts for MSSQL restores.
  • Hyper-V Backup Errors: Improved error message output for when a Hyper-V backup fails due to Hyper-V not being installed on the endpoint.
  • Microsoft 365: Enhanced single file downloads with additional threading and retry logic for expired URLs, improved account concurrency, and unique account handling in listings.
  • Protected Items Label: Added a label to distinguish if Protected Items are enforced via policy in both the web interface and desktop app.
  • System Backup Conversion: Added the ability to convert Windows System Backup Protected Items to Disk Image Protected Items via the Users tab and Bulk Actions dropdown in the web interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Dark Mode Icons: Fixed contrast issues for download icons in dark mode on the web interface.
  • Client Crash: Resolved a crash that occurred when bulk upgrading Magnus Box clients remotely.

These updates demonstrate our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch data protection and recovery solutions. Thank you for choosing Magnus Box