How does Magnus Box compare to CrashPlan?

Benefits of Magnus Box

Migrating your backup customers to Magnus Box provides the following benefits to your business not available in CrashPlan.

Backing up & Restoring

At the core of Magnus Box is our technology that allows us to not only back-up and restore faster than the competition, but to be more efficient with bandwidth and storage as well: this is called “Chunking”

Responsible for managing and controlling your backup deployment is your Magnus Box server, from this you can access and deploy your branded Magnus Box backup client.

Magnus Box Server


Live Connection

Magnus Box uniquely maintains a live connection to the Magnus Box Server, allowing for configuration updates on the server to be instantly updated on the client. This also allows instant remote triggering of backup/restore tasks, client software updates, editing client backup settings and more.

Built in SSL support

Magnus Box has built-in SSL support, with no need to buy your own SSL cert (using Let’sEncrypt). This gets you up and running with industry-recognised secure SSL support.


Both the Magnus Box Server and Magnus Box can be re-branded to include your company name, logo and key messaging.

Magnus Box Backup


Pre/post commands

Configure your own custom commands to run before and after backup jobs.

Custom help page

Allow your customers to easily access help when they need it by configuring a custom webpage that is viewable inside the client.

Lightweight installer – less than 15M

Magnus Box is a “native” installer built in C++. There are no cumbersome external libraries such as Java or .Net required to run it.

Migration with Mangus Box CrashPlan importer

The Magnus Box backup client has a built-in CrashPlan importer, this makes it easy to transfer your existing customer settings to Magnus Box. Running this importer on a device that has the CrashPlan client software installed on allows you to import the following:

  • Backupset types including file selections with:
    • Sources selection/deselection is supported.
    • Regular expression exclusions are supported.
  • Retention policies
  • Schedules
  • Local destinations

More details on Magnus Box’s CrashPlan importer

Business Benefits

Quality Support

Need a hand? Our support team aims to respond to tickets within 15 minutes to ensure that you have support when you need it.

Simple pricing

Designed with service-providers of all sizes in mind, our simple and straight forward pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use.

14 Day free trial

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A+ Community 

We have a Facebook Group where our Magnus box partners can hang out and chat.

About Magnus Box

Magnus Box started as an idea in January 2018. We had just witnessed another business client lose all of their data. They thought their data was safe while being stored on a 6-year-old external hard drive. When they came into the office one day, they could hear clicking noises coming from their external hard drive.

We sent their hard drive out to a data recovery company. The bill to get their data back was over $2000. The company could not afford to recover their data. They went out of business a few months later.

Magnus Box was created because of these kinds of situations. We have tried other backup solutions and they either limit how much data you can backup, or they are too complicated and clunky to use. Magnus Box fills the gap by being easy to use and allowing unlimited data.

Our mission is to protect your client’s data from disaster.

Mike & Tracey are the founders of Magnus Box LLC and Ctrl-Alt-Delete Computer Repair LLC.

Mike & Tracey Slodowski