November 2019 Update 5 months ago

Hello, Magnus Box Partners! It has been a while since I have written my monthly blog post. I stepped away from writing them as life got busy. However, I want to get back into writing them on a more consistent basis. I feel that it helps guide Magnus Box, keeps our partners informed, and they also keep me on track for the month. So here we go!

Magnus Box Outage

I was going to add the full post mortem here but decided after writing two paragraphs that I would make a dedicated post. Look for it in the news section of the website. We did add a new centralized status page at Don’t forget to swing by and sign up for the alerts.

New Employee

You read that right. We have hired a new employee to assist me at Magnus Box. He will be going through orientation soon and will be helping me with billing and general support questions.

On-Premise Server Deployment

One of our partners approached us with the idea of offering an on-premise server deployment that replicates data to the Magnus Box network. This project intrigued me, and I decided to work on this project. The partner purchased a dedicated server and configured it with Ubuntu Server. He also set up the RAID array. We remotely deployed and setup the Magnus Box software. Currently, he is performing the finals tests. They have over 20+ devices at this site, and our goal is to backup all the devices to the onsite server, which will then replicate the data to the Magnus Box network. This will give them blazing fast backup and recovery times while still having a second set of data stored offsite. The added benefit is that 20+ devices will not be pushing data over their internet connection.

We are looking into offering this as a service going forward. Depending on the interest, we might be able to provide a package that includes the hardware, as well.

R&D Lab

We just leased space in a local building, and we are in the process of setting up an R&D lab. We have wanted to launch a seed loading and a restore by mail service. However, we have not had the space to test this service. This setup will allow us to test and work on perfecting those services. Plus, we have the added benefit of having a 200 Meg connection, which is way more than the 25 that we currently have.

RMM Integration

The next quarterly update will be here before you know it, and we are working on having a single .exe file for the installer. This will allow you to deploy Magnus Box on your endpoints with minimal scripting.


We are currently working on section three of eight with the Compliancy Group for our HIPAA compliance. Hoping to have that official seal of approval on our website by the beginning of December.

Past Due Policy

I finally had to bite the bullet and write a past due and cancelation policy. This policy is not meant to scare anyone away. However, if we spend time trying to collect payments, it takes time away from developing our platform. You can read the new policy here–Cancellation.

Monthly Totals

That is all that I have for this brain dump monthly update. Stay tuned for future updates.

-Mike Slodowski
Magnus Box LLC


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