Press Release: COVID-19 4 months ago

For immediate release:

There has been a lot of news regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). No matter what your stance is, we monitor all current events as part of our business continuity plan.

We at Magnus Box have been monitoring the situation and making adjustments as needed per government, CDC, & WHO recommendations. Our infrastructure is global, along with our team. Our team from day one has always worked remotely, and our infrastructure is built around this business model.

Magnus Box has always been and will remain a 100% transparent company. In the event that we have to make any adjustments due to the COVID-19 virus or any other event, we will always notify our partners via email, Facebook, and the Magnus Box Partner group.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

-Mike Slodowski
Magnus Box LLC,

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