Things We Love

In the course of building Magnus Box, we have discovered a lot of cool platforms. We wanted to tell you about some of the platforms that we love. Full disclosure, some of the links below might be referral links, and some may not. All businesses on this page have permitted us to post their logo and backlinks. If you have a moment, please check them out.

We use OVH for a lot of things. Mainly we rent their bare metal servers, which are affordable, reliable, and have significant bandwidth. We use their servers as the backbone of our storage network. We have a knowledgable account rep, and support has been helpful anytime that we have a question.

Vultr is our go-to for our application servers. They offer 16 locations worldwide to allow us to deploy servers anywhere our partners live. They have been very reliable, and support has been great whenever we have had an issue.

We use DigitalOcean for our application servers. They are reliable & affordable. We have not had a single ticket opened, and everything works out of the box.

In the beginning, we learned that we needed a simplified way to handle sending emails from 60+ servers. We found SMTP2GO, and it fixed everything. Their platform is easy to use and allows unlimited emails to be sent depending on your plan. Our servers send roughly 5000 backup reports monthly. We have never had a single issue with this platform.

CloudRadar Server Monitoring

CloudRadar is the swiss army knife of monitoring. It is affordable and allows us to keep tabs on the entire Magnus Box network. It shows us the health of our servers along with the bandwidth.

When we started Magnus Box, we needed a subscription-based billing system. We looked everywhere… We stumbled upon ChargeOver, and it has been an asset to Magnus Box. They have affordable monthly pricing, and they do not charge you a transaction fee on the sales you make. Support has been amazing. I can call or email them, and they will get back to me almost immediately. We highly recommend ChargeOver if you are looking for a reliable and easy to use billing system.

Quickbooks allows us to simplify our business accounting for tax time. It automatically connects to our bank account and imports our daily transactions. It also integrates directly with ChargeOver to sync all of our sales. Life would be a lot harder without Quickbooks.

HostiFi is a cloud based Unifi controller that takes the hassle out of hosting and updates. Setup and installation is automatic, secure, includes updates & monitoring. Also supports UNMS & UCRM.